#BoycottApple trending on Google Plus after judge bans Samsung Galaxy Nexus

[#GoingViral]: #BoycottApple hashtag via Google Plus

The timing of this couldn’t really be more uncanny. Samsung just lost a major court case to Apple – that loss came via a ruling in favor of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus Ban.  Of course it’s just temporary, and the court cases will continue. In the meantime, we get to watch #BoycottApple start skyrocketing in trends on Google+. The best part is this, though – for a search engine, Google is what many would consider the standard, or at least a seriously major player. Despite that, a Samsung spokesperson actually revealed that it’s the search feature itself that’s exactly where the trouble is:


the patent in question concerns Google’s unified search function[…]

Nam Ki-yung, Samsung Spokesperson

So, the #BoycottApple hashtag is now trending, and has conquered the world of Google Plus!  We’re watching for updates, as well as monitoring Twitter to see if it picks up there as well.  We’ll update this post when more trending news shows up – in the meantime have some fun watching the Apple bashing on Google:

[UPDATE 9:34AM]: #BoycottApple Live Trending Google + Feed

[UPDATE 9:46AM]: Apple website parody 

[UPDATE 11:14AM] Well it doesn’t seem like the trend has quite made it to top 100 status for non-tailored Twitter accounts.  But, #BoycottApple is still going strong on Google+.

That’s what we know for now… but let’s take a look at the victim at this Galaxy Nexus 7 ban, the tablet itself!



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